venerdì 6 aprile 2012

ViVi - Vintage Time!

Headscarf, fold skirts, snakers, high waist, white and short stokings, lace, cardigans, floral patterns, big sunglasses..
No, you're not in 80/90, but in ViVi's pages!
So enjoy the simple elegance of the past years, because ViVi's watchword is "vintage"!

Brand's Vintage without spending too much:

All the Jazz navy blue floral dress
34 €

RZ pink mini-dress
21 €

Rogue mini-dress

Florinda Naval Skirt

3 commenti:

  1. The last skirt is totally love!!!!
    im from 50s! xDD
    kiss dearrr

    1. Yep, it's the cutest~ But I love the first dress to. **